Verint Consulting Services

Verint Consulting Services help organizations to achieve continuous operational improvement in ever-changing customer service environments. By engaging stakeholders across the entire organization, our Business Consulting enables operations to cultivate the necessary plans and buy-in. As well as determine the drivers of a successful Workforce Optimization initiative.

Verint Consulting Services

Verint Consulting Services - Uncovering Hidden Opportunities. We help organizations identify the highest value Workforce Optimization opportunities, formulate the strategies to realize them, and provide a level of partnership that will drive positive business impact. Our Verint Consulting Services include:

  • Opportunity assessment and benchmarking against industry leaders
  • Business case development
  • Metrics selection, goal strategy, and organizational alignment
  • Performance statistics assessment
  • Organizational change management and accelerating change
  • Coaching skills development

Verint Consulting Methodology

First we carry out business needs assessment with key business stakeholders to review your unique needs and goals. This is followed by an in-depth analysis of your current business environment and desired future state. The result: sound and feasible business implementation recommendations that map out your Contact Center solution to achieve your business goals.

With a Solution & Business Process Design that includes KPIs, reports, workflows, coaching, dashboards and more, we assemble working sessions to jointly analyze and extract business insights through reports, targeted monitoring techniques and root cause identification. The business implementation summary encompasses key accomplishments and quick win opportunities to realize immediate benefits.

Our Best and Proven Practices Workshop with key users carefully reviews all the effective ways to optimize solutions for your business – right through solution rollout and process establishment. The Business Integration follow-up sessions are geared towards more advanced utilization of solutions, identifying future needs and additional areas for improvement.

Verint Consulting Services

Our Business Consulting team offers a set of expert service packages and tailored offerings that help you meet and exceed your business targets. From the planning stages, our business consultants work with you to refine your strategy, ensure business readiness, and prioritize goals and timelines. We help you integrate and configure your solutions within the daily operations for faster results and user adoption. Using advanced analytics, our experts transform your operational data into actionable business insight that can be used to continuously improve your processes.